Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our consumers. If you don't see an answer that fits your question, please feel free to contact us via email.


1) Who can wear the Quick-Shot™ ?
People of all shapes and sizes can wear the Quick-Shot. We have done product testing on men of all sizes, women, and children.

2) I'm having trouble putting on my Quick-Shot™?
Please refer to our instructions for the leather and synthetic versions. Also, please note that the point/tip of the firearm butt should be inserted into the Quick-Shot first.

3) What is your warranty policy?
Peregrine Field Gear offers a lifetime warranty on all snaps and stitching. Damaged or defective products will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Peregrine Field Gear. Contact us if you would like to file for a warranty claim.

4) What is your return/exchange policy?
Customers have ten (10) days from the date of shipment to return their Quick-Shot holster for a full refund. Contact us if you would like to file for a return.

5) How can I be sure that the butt of my gun will fit (not get stuck) in the Quick-Shot™?
The Quick-Shot is designed to fit over 95% of all shotguns and rifles. The holster can accomodate any firearm butt up to 5 3/8 inches in length. Firearms with adjustable butt plates may not fit in the Quick-Shot. Firearms with slip-on recoil pads may not fit in the Quick-Shot, if the recoil pad is longer than 5 3/8 inches in length. Additionally, the natural tendency to lower the barrel of the gun while raising the butt to one's shoulder allows for a clean and unobstructed withdrawl of the gun from the holster.

6) Is there a chance that my firearm will slip out of the Quick-Shot™?
The Quick-Shot is specifically designed with an inward taper at the front of the holster to fit the taper of a firearm stock. This prevents the firearm from slipping out of the holster under virtually all walking or standing situations in which the muzzle is pointed upward. Only when the barrel is intentionally lowered (i.e. when drawing the gun) can the butt be freely removed from the holster.

7) Why is the Quick-Shot™ wedge-shaped?
During the design and deveopment of the Quick-Shot it was apparent that hunters and shooters had varying preferences for whether they wanted the holster on the left, right or center of their waist. The patent-pending wedge-shaped design of the Quick-Shot allows for the holster to be placed in a variety of positions on the user's waist. The firearm can then be twisted from side to side within the holster to adopt an angle that is comfortable and feels natural for the user.


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