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Traditional Methods

Without the Quick-Shot, firearms are carried in a number of ways, many of which do not allow for split-second reaction time. Have you ever missed an opportunity because your firearm was:

• Over your shoulder?
• Cradled in your arm?
• Broken open?
• Leaning against a tree?
• On a sling behind your back?

In addition to causing dangerous situations for the people you're hunting with, these common methods of supporting or carrying your firearm prevent you from being ready for that next opportunity to take a shot. Often times, you have only a split second to react to a flushing pheasant, a fast-flying dove, or a diving duck. Don't miss that next chance to take a shot because your gun wasn't ready.

With Quick-Shot

The Quick-Shot earns its namesake because it keeps your gun ready. Your firearm is always in an optimum position for a fast draw, right when you need it. With the exception of always having your gun shouldered, the Quick-Shot ensures that the butt of your gun only has to travel the minimum straight-line distance from your belt to your shoulder in order to take a shot.

Less Fatigue
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